oncerning Aston Martin, Jaguar and MG race cars. Quality and keeping print runs as low as possible are our main concerns."> Bayside Automotive Art, is one of Europe's leading publishers of limited edition Automotive Art
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About us
Bayside Automotive Art, one of Europe's leading publishers of limited edition Automotive Art, welcomes you to our updated website showing a unique selection of Keith Woodcock's signed and numbered limited edition prints.
Keith Woodcock's work is collected world wide and we are sure that you will find his work of interest. Keith Woodcock will accept special commissions for original oil and water colour paintings and if you would like to know more please contact us directly.

The artist
Keith Woodcock G.M.A, G.Av.A. has established himself as one of the UK's most respected automotive and aviation artists. He has won many awards including The Guild of Aviation Art's Painting of the Year Award.
The artist's long term interest in motorsport, received an outlet with the partnership with Bayside Automotive Art. Both parties work together to choose the appropriate subject matter which will appeal to motor racing enthusiasts the world over.
We pay particular attention to detail in each picture, checking material from the drivers, the racing teams, reference material and where available, archive film. Keith's use of light and colour and uncanny ability to capture the balance and feel for the subject, coupled with the extensive research combine to produce paintings of unrivelled quality and accuracy.

The drivers
It is Bayside's aim to create something of lasting and unique value for fellow automotive enthusiasts. We therefore always ensure that in addition to Keith Woodcock's individually pencilled signature, the prints are also signed by the drivers or other team members related to the subject. We feel that this adds value to Keith's already outstanding artwork.

In order to create true "limited edition" prints Bayside Automotive Art keep print runs as low as possible. The prints are not offered in any other form than shown on this web-site and brochure.

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